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Outdoor dogs -  Outdoor pursuit dog gear! All available in our online store, est 2005.  A complete range of outdoor dog gear and accessories tailored towards working dogs, active pet dogs, show and sled dogs or just to make your life easier on your doggie holiday.


****Please note we are away in the Arctic Lapland from Monday 13th March to 17th April 2017 working our 3 Malamutes, so our office is fully CLOSED within this period****  Everything will be processed on return :) Many thanks

Full Animology dog grooming range * Two types of dog Salmon oil to add to your dogs food * Dog Thundershirts / cuddle shirts for all whose dogs who hate bangs and fireworks * Arden Granges FULL dry foods * New Canny Collars for those dogs that pull and can destroy a halti * Wahl dog shampoo in 5 litre tubs * Bulk raw hides * Taste of the wild new on the market dry dog food and wait for it......... the highly sort after..... 'Stag Bars' dogs go nuts for them and they last ages!! Bonus for us all... Please enjoy these new pages..

In 2013, 2015 & 2016 we officially experienced a true expedition abroad on 3 week adventures in Sweden, Lapland, sledding our UK born malamutes and our foster-fur "Minx" (& Rain) over the frozen lakes and trails, camping under the Northern lights in Abisko, as high as you can go and 200 miles North above the Arctic circle. The temperatures were -22, Wow what spolit true working dogs we have sledding over 200 milesWe will be going back in March 2017 to complete our journey across the Arctic Circle. Need to know more? Just drop us a line or read our blog on the 'our dogs' page.

back pack face leader biker sets Stag bars bones for dogs
Dog back packs now in black Dog Canny Collars Dog to bike attachment deluxe Stag bars / reindeer horn *SOLD OUT*

UK Inland delivery only please.                                          

*Last Autumn we tested one of our USA dog back packs on the Lake District mountains for its full litre capacity to test them for the American Alaskan Malamute back packing titles which are often 12+kgs which it has passed the office dog test - Excellent! * So now its time to use this best selling dog pannier back pack for our Alaskan malamutes backpacking titles (WPD) after being registered with the American Alaskan Malamute Club of America (AMCA) for the last 6+ years, we thought its about time, so back to the Lake District for the UK mountains again as soon as we can!

We have some excellent affordable items for your dog for camping, hiking, dog holidays and even caravaning.  Dog panniers, dog back packs, dog to bike attachments to safely connect your dog to your bike , making exercise easier and more fun, dog collars, tie out cables & stakes and dog fleece harnesses so far… updating constantly with new ideas and gadgets to help you on your dog friendly holidays. 

Outdoordog is a great fan of having fun and exercising your dog in the great outdoors, we have four Alaskan Malamute office dogs, who have tested and tried all of our dog products to make sure we deliver high quality, long lasting durable products.  Need advice on hiking in the hills? Watch this space the site is growing daily, so please add us to your favorites or tell us what walks you recommend!  We love our deluxe dog to bicycle attachment and so do our dogs, our leading seller to date. We have just received a new design of dog back pack (panniers) from Japan, which is a quick release dog back pack, with a built in harness, available in 2 colours of red and camo, we have just had a look at the quality, and yes we now import them and have them available for sale.

We will be running our Alaskan malamutes in harness in all the sled dog events and Cani-x all over the country this year.  We'll keep you posted on our sled dog results and have more photos to follow.  The sled dog rally starts October so we'll be training in the local woods and dog paths and will be using our dog to bike gadgets and attachments so increase their fitness. 

We camp, we hike, we rock climb, we kayak, we road bike, we run, we compete and also do these for raising money for charities. If you want active and fun stuff adventures with your dogs you have come to the right place.

Disclaimer: Whilst using any product offered on this site please follow all instructions and take care whilst in public places. Always consider your safety and the safety of others when using any of our products as we accept no responsibility for any accidents or incidents occurring whilst wearing or using them. Thank you.


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