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NEW in!!   Bull bar long lasting dog treat

Bull bad long lasting dog treat for teeth and gums


Bullbar - the original, 100% natural buffalo horn dog chew.

Minimum weight 250g – suitable for Medium dogs to Large dogs

Chewing releases, feel-good chemicals from the brain and keeps dogs happy, busy and using up energy. Bullbars last a long time. They wear down slowly with the grinding action of the dog’s teeth and saliva, into tasty morsels.

Dogs who are losing weight can enjoy Bullbars because they only contain a tiny amount of fat (3%). Naturally, they don’t contain additives or preservatives.

They are effectively ‘raw’ and so retain all their goodness and safety.

Warning: not suitable for puppies, dogs with existing bad teeth or elderly dogs. Please note these can stain carpets

Great just like our Stag Bars....  £7.99 each, discounts for large orders.

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