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Attachment for your dog to your mountain bike or cycle for optimum stamina building  IN STOCK ready to ship today!!!

deluxe bike attachment


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The dog to bike attachment with a difference. A deluxe high spec complete kit with shock absorbing spring for all your dog biking needs. This set comprises of a metal attachment keeping a distance from the bicycles mechanisms, short lead and an expanding lead, to adjust to both small dogs and large breeds of dog. The set is easy to attach and detach to your bike. Suitable for the Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, or any other breed of dog that would love a good run on the side of a bike. They are very easy to put together and the whole bar comes off for storage leaving the connector on the seat post, should you want to take it off inbetween biking with your dog. You can exercise or run your dog on either side of the bicycle as is fits both sides with just a squeeze of the button and fasten back in.

This deluxe model can withstand most large dogs pulling power, we use one 3 times a week running our Alaskan Malamutes that are trained to pull, so it makes an excellent upgrade and training aid for working your dog. The solid spring takes the pressure off the bike and makes balance easier. Highly recommended by many as this deluxe German made model is very similar to the USA 'springer' dog to bike attachment.  Its never been so easy to bike with your dog, a fantastic product thats easy to put on your bicycle and gives you the hands free to explore the countrysides and other popular dog walks as well as increase your dogs fitness. We use our premier fleece harnesses with our dogs as they are safer then a 'racing harness', the connector point is further forward keeping your dog to the side where as a racing dog harness connecting at the tail is giving the dog too much distance in front, thus more likely to cut you up on the bike.

*Please note sometime these sell out, same day as delivery*

If in stock these dog to bike gadgets will be posted out the same working day, Monday to Friday. We now use Royal Mail again as they are better value and keep our postage rates low.  Should you want this item NEXT DAY, please email us and we will send you an invoice with the postage of at least £6.55 included to cover this faster service.

Why not treat your furry friend.  Mackenzie our Alaskan Malamute is modelling above, hes a keen worker and yet sits patiently waiting for a good run, covering 4 miles easily. The bike attachment can be fixed on either side of your bicycle to give even muscle build up and tone.

Extra Adapter (design may vary)

We now have an 'add-on' for this bike gadget, of a second adapter so you can change sides easily to give even muscle tone (if your bike can take two). Please note that the seat post of my bike would struggle with two adapters as I am only 5 ft 2. Its also handy to have if you like to swap bikes i.e one on hubby's one on yours, then you can rotate who takes your dog for his run. **Limited stock**

deluxe bike attachment


Price £9.99 (rrp £15)

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