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Fresh raw hide. The 'Treat N Chew' range consists of plenty of delicious treats for all types of dogs.

These Knotted Bones are made from Natural Hide and can provide your dog with hours of yummy chewing fun!

4.5 inch knotted dog raw hide bones

4.5 " approx knotted bones

0.55p each or

20 for £9.50



donut raw hide dog chew 3 inch

3" raw hide dog chew donut

0.85p each or

20 for £15.00



raw hide shoe dogs 5 inch

5" raw hide dog chew shoe

0.65p each or

10 for £5.70




bulk pigs noses treats for dogs





Finally a reasonably priced bulk purchase of pigs noses.

Bags of 50 noses (RRP £50.00)  Very popular with our dogs and last ages.

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