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High quality leather roll slip dog collars

Our leading seller but unfortunately we have limited supply as we can no longer get them.

Roll neck leather slip collar leather roll dog collar strong leather black and brown anti hair snap   




SOLD OUT of many sizes and no more stock available.  IN stock: 65 cm both colours, 60 cm Black only, 45 cm & 40 cm  both in stock,

These dog collars are ideal for your Malamute, Samoyed, Siberian or any other long or double coated breed of dog. These leather dog collars are gentle on the coat and have the benefit of being strong, sturdy and of a slip nature. They are made from high quality leather from Germany and very durable. Available in black or brown and assorted lengths. One of our leading sellers at our stall at the Alaskan Malamute club of United Kingdom dog shows, we were certainly impressed with the leather quality of these collars and can not recommend them enough. Loads of our sled dog friends use these, and they've been sold to owners of many breeds of dog and coat types to date. They seem to stop the hair from being nipped and tugged out like some collars and all chains.

The sizes mentioned are the size of the actual internal measurement of the collar, so a dog with a 50 cm neck measurement will need at least a 55 cm collar, thanks.

Moorland round quality leather dog collar

These roll leather dog collars in brown (russet) are now available as a buckle fastening collar.

roll soft leather brown ancol dog collar with buckle



The Moorland leather round collars are manufactured traditionally with the longer coated dog in mind. The smaller surface area of the collar ensures that the coat does not get ‘flattened’ whilst the leather and inner core provide strength. Hand made in England by Ancol. Allow to dry naturally, clean with leather cleaner.



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