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dog grooming slicker brush



Smaller Wooden Slicker : 2354

Absolutely perfect dog brush for all breeds, shapes and sizes.  Perfect for smaller areas like under arms, delicate bits and ears.

Carefully removes tangles without pulling and gently teases out muck and dirt and general tangles.  No dog groomer would ever consider not having at least one slicker brushes in their grooming box. 9 x 13 cm Mixed colours. Includes little comb to clean and de-fuzz the slicker.

dog grooming slicker brush



Price £5.00

Medium Wooden Slicker : 2356

Ideal body sized slicker without being too large and clumbersome. My daily brush of choice in the grooming studio.11 x 14 cm. Mixed colours.

Chrome brush base and extra soft wire bristles. Gently tease knots and under coat out. Includes little cleaner comb.


dog grooming large slicker brush



Price £5.00

Large slicker brush on a plastic back and handle : 2311

Easier for covering a larger area of hair or for thicker coats.  Again another must for your grooming box for daily use.. 10 x 19 cm



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